Responsible Retailing – IAA 2022/23

Responsible Retailing is about legally and ethically protecting staff and shoppers through standards, legislation and reducing crime

Every year, what it means to be a responsible retailer changes, which means you must keep up to date with legislation and changes in what your shoppers expect of you.

The biggest challenge retailers face is preventing underage sales, and with many retailers reporting new faces in their stores in the past 18 months, taking every precaution is the only way to protect your business.

But there are also new challenges, too. Natasha’s Law represents a worthy but huge challenge for retailers to ensure they are presenting all allergens in food clearly and hopefully avoiding another tragic case. What remains unchanged, however, is the need to work with your community. The most responsible retailers build effective local partnerships to win trust and, ultimately, sales.

Secrets of success

The IAA selects a Category Star each year that is showing the best thinking, processes and results. Find out what made those that were previously recognised by the IAA stand out to the judges, and what you can apply in your own store by taking a look at the previous Category Stars.

Top ideas to improve

Each year the IAA visits and mentors’ retailers that have previously taken part in the programme to help them make simple but impactful changes to improve their profits. Find out what they learned, the results they’ve seen, and what you can replicate in your store!

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The IAA is supported and funded by industry brands who recognise that retailers want access to free, unbiased support to help them increase profits and improve their stores without big investment.

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