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Our vaping devices price comparison tools below will help ensure you make the most of this profitable category.

Take 88Vape ClassicPen Starter Kit. While 25% of retailers charge £5.99, 75% are going as high as £13.99 – an increase of £8. This highlights the potential to increase prices and drive profits, especially with more specialist suppliers.

Pricewatch: premium cigarettes price comparison

Juul Starter Kit offers similar opportunities. While 60% charge £19.99, 40% are pricing above, going as high as £29.99.

Blu Myblu Intense shows less movement on price. Ninety-three per cent charge the most common price of £19.99, and none of the retailers surveyed are charging more. Similarly, 77% charge £19.99 on Vype ePod, with a mere 2% seeking out extra margin. It seems the products from the big tobacco manufacturers are giving less opportunity to gain extra margin.

Edge Pro Device

Price distribution %
Edge Pro Device price comparison

Vaping device price distribution chart

Vaping device price distribution chart

Must-stock vaping device products and prices

Percentage of stores selling above, below and at the most common retail price
Must-stock vaping device products and prices
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Retailer viewpoints

Avtar Sidhu Pricewatch

How vaping devices work for their stores

Avtar Sidhu

Store & location: St John’s Budgens, Kenilworth, Warwickshire
Size: 2,000sq ft
Type: Residential

Top vaping devices

  • Smok RPM40 kits
  • Vype ePen 3 Starter Kit

“We’ve seen recent success in Smok RPM40 kits, which are usually only found in specialist vape shops. The Vype range is also selling extremely well for us, as well as nic salts. We follow the RRP across the main brands, such as Logic and Vype, but any extra lines we stock – which represent 80% of our sales – we fix our own prices.

“We offer a full repair service, especially as a lot of new tanks have entered the market and we review our range every year. In fact, we recently did this and delisted a lot of tanks and equipment.”

Dave Hiscutt Pricewatch

Dave Hiscutt

Store & location: Londis Westham Road, Weymouth
Size: 2,200sq ft
Type: Town centre

Top vaping devices

  • Logic Compact
  • Vapouriz Kits (all varieties)

“Vape is a category that is in constant growth. Stoptober is happening now and we’re running various programmes alongside JTI to push sales for the Logic Starter Kit. Some shoppers stopped smoking over Covid-19, too.

An Iqos Starter Kits scheme that was running a while back offered incentives to staff for buying kits, but there’s an inconsistency of reps in the area. We’ve stepped away from specialist hardware, so, for the likes of Vapouriz, we offer basic starter kits and leave the more advanced devices to specialist vape stores.

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