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The overall highest-priced product is Amber Leaf 2 in 1 50g

Roll your own tobacco price comparison RYO

Comparing the prices of roll-your-own tobacco

Behind the numbers

With more than half of roll-your-own (RYO) tobacco sales coming from ultra-value, retailers need to be careful they don’t alienate their shoppers by trying to eke out extra margins. This week’s data shows there is a narrow range of pricing within top-selling lines. 

Take Golden Virginia The Original 2 in 1 30g: 69% of retailers are charging above the most-common (and also lowest) price of £20.30, with £22.99 the highest recorded price. There is scope for retailers charging £20.30 to review their pricing, but not by much. This £2.69 price difference is the largest between highest and most-common prices out of this week’s data. 

See also Amber Leaf 2 in 1 30g, where 69% of retailers are also charging above the lowest and most-common price of £20.30. 

This time, the highest price is £22. The overall highest-priced product is Amber Leaf 2 in 1 50g, with a most-common price of £34.12 set by 40% of retailers. 

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