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Premium cigarettes is a category not to be overlooked. Find out how retailers are pricing the category

Premium cigarettes price comparison

Comparing the prices of premium cigarettes

Behind the numbers

This week’s data shows retailers are still squeezing extra profits from their premium cigarette ranges, with just two out of the 12 lines examined charged at their most-common price by a majority. 

Marlboro Gold is an attractive proposition, with 78% of retailers charging up to £17.49 for a pack of 20. This means the 20% sticking to the most-common price of £12.60 could be missing out on higher profits. 

The £4.99 price difference is also the highest among all the lines examined. Similarly, 77% of shops are selling Benson & Hedges Silver 20s for as much as £16.49, with just 19% charging the most-common price of £12.50. 

One line that seems to have found its price limit for now is Camel Blue 20s. Eighty-nine per cent of retailers charge £16.99 for a pack. This is the highest most-common price out of all the lines examined and is just 91p cheaper than the highest price. 

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