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Opportunities abound for retailers when it comes to strategic pricing within the vaping category

Vape price comparison

Comparing the prices of vape devices

Behind the numbers

More than 600,000 new vapers have entered the category in the UK in the past year, according to Action on Smoking and Health. With a clear growth opportunity, where can retailers boost profits?

This week’s data shows retailers can capitalise on shoppers’ appetite for modern disposables. Fifty-five per cent are charging up to £7.99 for IVG’s Rainbow Disposable, with 32% sticking to the most-common price of £5.

Similarly, 51% are also going as high as £7.99 on Geek Bar Blueberry Sour Raspberry, with 48% selling at the most-common price of £5.99. Many retailers offer disposables on two-for-£10 deals, which possibly explains their willing- ness to price higher for singles.

Traditional vape kits are more expensive, explaining why these are more competitively priced. Blu’s Pro Starter Kit is sold by 76% of retailers at its most-common price of £17.99, although 21% are going as high as £22.50.

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