E-liquids price comparison

Comparing e-liquid prices

The UK e-cigarette market is forecast to grow by £890m by 2025, meaning a solid offering is important.

Within vaping, the e-liquid segment is competitive, as evidenced by nine out of 12 of the top-selling products being sold at their most-common prices, with six of those sold at their most-common prices by at least 90% of retailers. E-Fast offers the most opportunity, with 60% of retailers selling the 12mg Cherry variety for as much as £2.49, compared with 36% selling it for £1.49. 

Similarly, 51% sell the brand’s 18mg variety for up to £2.99, with 43% selling it at the most-common price of £1.49. 

Liberty Flights’ 6mg and 0.3mg Menthol varieties also are both sold by 46% of retailers above their most-common price, but this could be due to customers buying them individually outside of the supplier’s three-for-£10 offer. Retailers can review prices on Blu Pro Menthol, with 29% selling it for as much as £5. 

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Must-stock e-liquid products

Product nameLowest
Jucce Menthol 3mg£1.66 £1.99 £1.99
T2 E-Liquid Nicotine Shot 18mg£1 £1.99 £2.99
Jucce Strawberry Laces 18mg£1.02 £1.99 £2.50
Liberty Flights Menthol 18mg£2.50 £4.99 £4.99
Liberty Flights Menthol 6mg£2 £3.33 £4.99
Liberty Flights Menthol 0.3mg£2 £3.33 £4.99
Vapouriz Menthol Special Blend 12mg£2.50 £3.99 £4.99
E-Fast Cherry 12mg£1 £1.49 £2.49
E-Fast Cherry 18mg99p  £1.49 £2.99
Vampire Vape Heisenberg 3mg£1.90 £3.99£4
Vampire Vape Heisenberg Nicotine 6mg£1.99 £3.99£4
Blu Pro Menthol 16mg£3.33 £3.99£5

E-liquids price distribution chart

Percentage of stores selling e-liquids above, below and at the most common retail price:

E-liquids price distribution chart
How to use this data Pricewatch

We mainly offer Edge e-liquids with around 10 flavours across the four different strengths. They’re price-marked at £2.50, but we sell them at £1.50 and still get 40% margin after buying them directly from reps. We sell lots at that price.

“People come in and buy 10 at once because they know about us and we seem to be the only place around selling them at that price. Others tend to sell three or four for £10. People make a journey of it to come and buy from us in bulk. We generate around £1,900 a month across the whole range.”

Vaping has become massive for us. Since we added Geek Bar and Elf Bar disposables and moved the entire range into its own bay out from behind the counter, we’ve started hitting £2,500 a week across the whole range.

“The actual liquids have upped their sales by about £600 a week, from £600 to £1,300-£1,500, and the disposables have added the rest. Elf Bar is the top disposables seller. We only do Liberty Flights e-liquids at three for £10, and Vuse is our top seller for pod kits. It’s good to have a core range of a recognised brand.”

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