IAA23 Category Star for Shop Layout: Londis Bexley Park, Dartford

Nishi Patel of Londis Bexley Park, Dartford, discusses what Shop Layout means to him

How important is Innovation to your business and why?

Shop layout can help bring customers into your store and keep them looking for what you offer too. Focusing on customer journeys and keeping the store fresh are two essential elements of success.

What three things have you done in the last 12 months that set you apart in Innovation?

  1. Moving vapes to the shop floor has been a major change. They’re now at the front of the till which helps with security while also allowing shoppers to browse our range.
  2. Rearranging and expanding our fresh range has added an extra £200-£300 in sales per day. It’s also helped us expand our soft drinks offer.
  3. We’ve moved higher-end lines, including champagne, to our shop floor thanks to our new fridges and layout. This encourages shoppers to spend more on these types of products.

What’s the biggest trend or challenge you’ve adapted to in the last 12 months?

We’ve been trying to move our newspapers from the front of the store to the back so people don’t just pick up a paper and head for the till. We’ve also condensed our display – back in the day a 3m bay would be what every store had but I’m trying to get that space back.

What’s the biggest and best change you’ve made in your business in the last 12 months and why?

The most effective change has probably been to change our vape range. We were selling £700 of standard vapes per week and I’m now doing £1,200 per week of disposables instead.

What have you done to retain shoppers in the last 12 months?

Because of the changes we’ve made we’ve become more of a destination store. People might not come in every day but they’ll pop in every week to look around for longer. Kids come in and do their TikToks after school and that all goes online. Our food to go is cooked fresh every day and the layout at the front has been massive for drawing people into that area.

Who would you recommend retailers to turn to if they’re looking to improve Shop Layout?

Other retailers provide a great source of new ideas and are always happy to share their thoughts and advice.

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