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Comparing the prices of confectionery sharing bags

Behind the numbers

This week’s data shows just how competitive pricing is for sharing confectionery bags, with more than 50% of retailers charging the most-common price on 11 out of the 12 lines. But where are the opportunities for retailers to increase profits?

Take Jolly Rancher. Sixty per cent of retailers price above the most-common price of £2.99, charged by 39%, going as high as £4.99. Nestlé’s Munchies also shows potential, with 42% charging up to £1.99 for its Cookie Dough variety. This could allow the 57% charging £1 to review prices and achieve a higher margin.

There’s less scope for higher profits with Haribo, with 21% charging as low as £1 on the brand’s Happy Cherries Zing variety. Retailers could squeeze higher profits by increasing prices to the most-common price of £1.69, charged by 77%. The exception is the brand’s Tangfastics, where 32% are pricing more than 60p above the most-common price of £1.59.

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Retailer views on confectionery sharing bags

We do a big range, it’s probably about 50% of our confectionery. Price-marked packs (PMP) and promotions always work better, and we often have Haribo and Swizzles on at two-for-£1.50. It’s also about ensuring we have a wide range, from Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts to Murray Mints. Penny sweets have gone out of favour because of hygiene implications, so to be able to offer retro sweets such as shrimps or bananas in a bag really appeals to the parents and grandparents buying them as much for themselves as they are for the kids.”

My confectionery section overall is about six metres, with sharing bags taking up two metres and the rest being bars. Most of my sharing bags are PMPs – they’re vital for the category. We cater to all ages, making sure the elderly customers can get their liquorice, for example. I haven’t really reviewed the category for a year or so because of availability issues, so I’ve just been making sure I can fill the shelves as best as I can. I’m not missing out on anything, but I used to do non-price-marked Haribo lines, and I’ve had to revert to price-marked.”

Confectionery sharing bag price distribution

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