In April, News UK’s Chris Hughes visited Vince Malone in Tenby to have a look at how he could innovate within his shop. Three months on, we have a look at his progress.

Vince’s Action Plan

  1. Speak to the council to explore the opportunity to better utilise the shop frontage to drive customers in.
  2. Create logistic plans for box offers, order, delivery, and pricing.

  3. Create new posts to personalise your offer and bring it to life


Vince MaloneI’ve already met with the planning department about installing a digital screen and they are receptive to the idea. I have also tried rewording my online posts to make personal recommendations, such as “what works for me…” Most notably I have leafletted to B&Bs and local camping grounds about my welcome hampers and have a great response. Orders came in worth £300, just in the first weekend! This has helped build a relationship with the camping grounds and I’m setting up a regular delivery service to their visitors.

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