The Independent Achievers Academy

Owning and managing a successful store is long work, and many retailers spend much of their time working in their shop and not enough time working on their business.

The IAA is a peer-to-peer network that offers the tools and support needed to develop your store into a more profitable business.

Although entries into the IAA 2015 are now closed, IAA tools and advice are available all year round.


Retail Profit Guide

For expert advice from key retailers and suppliers in all 12 categories, download the IAA guide for free!

How to get involved

  • Rate your store in 12 key retailing categories. Our peer-reviewed benchmarks will help you spot opportunities for improvement

  • Follow the Academy in Action case studies to see how other retailers are making the IAA advice work for them, and how you can do the same

  • Be inspired by the IAA Top 100 retailers. This year’s stores will be announced this Autumn on

  • Have expert supplier advice and leading retailers experiences to hand at all times with the IAA Retail Profit Guide, which is free to download

Print the IAA score sheet to measure your in-store performance and spot your opportunities for improvement.

Entries into the IAA 2015 are now closed.
If you’ve submitted an entry into this year’s IAA, you can share supporting information, stories and photos with us at All supporting evidence received on or before 10 July 2015 will be reviewed alongside your score sheet.