More than 12,000 orders for Deliver My Newspaper vouchers have been made since the website was launched in July, with 1,500 new stores added to its database in the same period.

The website, operated by News UK, the Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian and the i, allows customers to register for delivery of any of the newspapers involved, with free delivery for the first six weeks. Customers select an HND retailer from the website based on their postcode, and receive vouchers in the post.

Speaking at an industry forum organised by the NFRN last week, the Telegraph Media Group’s national sales controller Paul Reeves said the group is now seeking to motivate retailers to speak to more customers about the scheme.

“Obviously what we want to do is bring more people into HND,” said Mr Reeves.

“There are retailers out there who want to grow their coverage and go into new areas. This is a really positive step for the industry and now we want to speak more to retailers and galvanise them.”

Mr Reeves and Mail Newspapers’ retail sales manager Andy Law told the forum 200,000 PoS items have been sent to stores. They added regular written updates on the progress of the scheme will soon start to be sent to retailers through wholesalers.

Mr Law said between 80% and 90% of people who have requested the vouchers online have then taken them into their chosen store, adding calls are now being carried out to find out if people who have signed up are new completely new HND customers or not. 

“We know 85% of the stores’ details listed on the website are accurate, but there will always be the odd glitch and retailers should get in touch with us to let us know about any problems,” he said.