One year on: Tracey & Dave Buckland, Selborne Post Office and Stores

Being proactive members of the community pays dividends for Tracey and Dave Buckland at their store in Selborne in Hampshire.

[pull_quote_right]Providing more than the minimum service works to our advantage[/pull_quote_right]

Is championing your local area still helping business?

I don’t know if it’s directly linked but through our many activities in the village and surrounding area, we seem to increase the number of people that know about our store and what we sell. Providing more than the minimum service definitely works to our advantage in our remote part of the world.

Is the freshly made sandwich counter still a hit with shoppers?fruit

Yes, the sandwiches are picking up in popularity. We are making a proper reputation for ourselves and word is getting around about the quality of our lunches. There is always a lot of building and renovation work in the village, so we have become the first stop for the hungry labourers. 

How is the charity work going?

It’s going great. Dave recently went to build a playground at a school in Ghana after raising funds for the project locally. It was brilliantly received by the children there as well as those who helped at home. He is also now part of a first responder scheme in partnership with the Hampshire ambulance service. 

Is Facebook helping you stay in touch with all things local?

Yes, definitely. We can advertise special deals and even ask our customers for help. Recently we ran out of plastic bags and within hours of posting a message on Facebook we were inundated.

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