Thatchers spotlights ‘Pint-sized perfection’ in Aardman-produced ad

The 40-second stop motion advert took more than 40 Aardman creatives over 480 hours to work on

thatchers aardman

Thatchers Cider has unveiled a new TV advert made in collaboration with multi-Academy Award-winning animation studio Aardman.

The ‘Pint-sized perfection’ advert, which will air today for the first time at 9.15pm, uses stop motion animation to bring viewers to Thatchers’ Myrtle Farm in Somerset.

It follows the cider-making journey, from orchard to glass.

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Key figures in the Thatchers story have been brought to life, such as fourth-generation cider maker Martin Thatcher, the Thatchers hot air balloon from previous adverts and Myrtle, the family dog.

The advert involved a team of over 40 Aardman creatives, who needed more than 480 hours to film the 40-second commercial. It airs across TV, on-demand, cinemas and YouTube, and will be supported by 48-sheet and six-sheet outdoor advertising as well as social media promotion.

“Partnering with Aardman, a truly iconic brand with such amazing creative genius, and situated in the West Country as we are, allows us to introduce consumers to a new light-hearted, storytelling creative about our ciders,” said Thatcher.

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