Thatchers ups Vintage Cider ABV and refreshes bottle design

The variety now has an 8.3% ABV and an illustration of founder William Thatcher on-pack

thatchers vintage cider

Thatchers Cider has unveiled a new look for its Vintage Cider variety, including a higher ABV and a fresh pack design.

The cider now has an 8.3% ABV, up from 7.4%, to reflect its premium positioning and appeal to vintage cider connoisseurs.

It also features a new label featuring Thatchers’ founder, William Thatcher, to emphasise its provenance and heritage. It is available in a 500ml bottle at an RRP of £2.30, as well as a six-pack.

Thatchers launches Gold 4x500ml £5.49 PMP

Jonathan Nixon, Thatchers commercial director, said: “When shoppers are looking for a premium bottled vintage style cider with a distinctive character, they are looking for a premium ABV to match.

“Thatchers Vintage has been a much-loved part of the Thatchers range for many years, and with this 2022 harvest, we’ve increased the ABV to 8.3% to further appeal to shoppers in the growing premium bottled cider category.

Premium cider is currently the best-performing cider subcategory, seeing 4.9% growth in the past 12 weeks.

Nixon added: “The future of the category lies firmly in great quality, premium cider that offers value to the shopper and reflecting provenance and heritage of the cider maker.”

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