Thatchers launches Gold 4x500ml £5.49 PMP

Thatchers' 4x440ml pack is the top-selling branded apple cider four-pack in the major multiples

thatchers gold £5.49 pmp

Thatchers Cider has launched a £5.49 price-marked pack (PMP) for its Thatchers Gold Cider 4x500ml pack, available exclusively to independents.

The supplier says the move comes as PMPs continue to be popular with shoppers, as they communicate confidence in value for money.

Jonathan Nixon, commercial director at Thatchers Cider, said: “This new pack for Thatchers Gold – our most popular cider which attracts more shoppers than any other apple cider – means we’re able to further support retailers and help boost sales by adding an extra incentive for shoppers to purchase.

“We’re committed to supporting our customers with this growth opportunity across the convenience channel.”

Additionally, the supplier says Thatchers has grown more volume than all other top-10 cider makers combined in the past three years. One in seven ciders sold in the UK off-trade is from Thatchers.

“The Gold 4x440ml can pack is the top-selling branded apple cider four-pack in the major multiples, so this new PMP of 500ml cans provides a strong opportunity for convenience and independent stores to offer a point of difference. It will drive sales and demonstrate to shoppers they are seeing value for money.


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