Pladis adds Popping Candy Cake Bars to McVitie’s BN range

BN's Mini Rolls have generated £900k in retail sales value since launch

BN Popping Candy Cake Bars

Pladis is expanding its McVitie’s BN range once more with the addition of BN Popping Candy Cake Bars.

The new range is available in Crackling Chocolate and Sizzling Strawberry varieties, in packs of five individually wrapped bars with an RRP of £1.25.

These offer chocolate topped with chocolate cream and strawberry sponge with light cream respectively, filled with popping candy pieces.

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The supplier says having the bars individually wrapped makes them ideal for family shoppers or for portion-controlled snacking.

BN’s previous launch this year, Mini Rolls, has generated £900,000 in retail sales value since launch. Meanwhile, the brand’s biscuit range, which launched last year, has topped £4.3m in sales this year alone.

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