KP adds Flavour Kravers Flame Grilled Steak to £1.25 PMP range

Snacking PMPs are bought by 54% of snacking shoppers and KP's £1.25 PMP range is outgrowing the overall market

flavour kravers flame grilled steak £1.25 pmp

KP Snacks is expanding its price-marked pack (PMP) range with the addition of KP Flavour Kravers Flame Grilled Steak in a £1.25 pack.

According to the supplier, Flame Grilled Steak is Flavour Kravers’ best-performing variety. Additionally, the KP Nuts portfolio is worth £95.8m and is growing in value by 18.1%, with a 25.9% market share, nearly five times larger than the nearest branded competitor.

The supplier’s £1.25 PMP range is worth £108.1m and is growing ahead of the overall market at +53.4%, compared to +30.5%.

KP Snacks expands Flavour Kravers with Sour Cream & Chive launch

“Flame Grilled Steak has been the most popular variant in our Flavour Kravers range since its launch last year,” said Jenny Blanco Barcia, marketing manager at KP Snacks. “By launching Flame Grilled Steak as a £1.25 PMP, we are capitalising on both taste as the number one category driver in crisps, snacks & nuts and the growing success of PMP formats.” 

Overall, PMPs are worth more than £331.5m within crisps, snacks & nuts, bought by 54% of snack shoppers.

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