Copella unveils rebrand to appeal to younger shoppers

The brand has grown by 5% to date in 2023

copella rebrand

Juice brand Copella has unveiled a new look to appeal to a younger audience and improve on-shelf impact.

The brand update is part of the brand’s wider strategy to maintain market share and “heroes” Copella’s apple ingredients, highlighting its quality.

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Copella currently has a 14% share of the chilled juices category and has seen a 5% growth year-to-date in 2023.

Jessica Perry, senior brand manager at Copella, said: “Whilst we know that consumers are watching what they spend, they still enjoy choosing brands made from high quality ingredients that have been expertly crafted and taste delicious. This new look focuses on the green apple icon putting our expertise and quality ingredients at the core of what we do: tasting good, doing good and making you feel good.”

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