Blue Hooch joins Hooch range

Blue Hooch has launched in mixed packs in Tesco alongside new 440ml Orange cans, ahead of wider expansion

blue hooch

Hooch has expanded with the launch of a new Blue Hooch variety and the expansion of Orange Hooch into 440ml cans.

According to supplier Global Brands, Blue Hooch (4% ABV) is a tropical-themed drink that retains Hooch’s citrus flavour, making it ideal for summer social occasions.

Global Brands acquires Hooch, Reef and Hooper’s from Molson Coors

It has begun appearing in 8x440ml mixed packs in Tesco alongside Hooch Lemon Brew, Pink and Orange. It is rolling out to convenience retailers in individual 440ml cans alongside Hooch Orange 440ml to JW Filshill and United Wholesale, while the mixed packs are also available through United Wholesale.

Blue Hooch is also available in a 24-pack from online retailer Good Time in for £39.50.

The expansion of Hooch’s 440ml can range comes as 440ml ready-to-drink (RTD) cans have grown by 134% annually, according to Nielsen.

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