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Yoghurt prices product comparison

Comparing the prices of yoghurts

Behind the numbers

Yoghurt is a strong category for catering to different customers, such as families, as well as on-the-go and at-home consumers. With such a broad range of shopper occasions, it’s important retailers are pricing their ranges properly. 

Retailers could stand to review their pricing of Yeo Valley Organic Natural Creamy Bio Live. Sixty-seven per cent of retailers are charging above the most-common price of £1.85, with some going as high as £2.85. Similarly, 46% are charging above Yeo Valley Greek Style’s most-common price of £2.15, with some charging as much as £3.10. 

Müller Corner pricing is dependent on format. Seventy-nine per cent of retailers charge both Vanilla Chocolate Balls & Banana Chocolate Flakes and Strawberry & Peach Apricot six-packs at their most-common price of £2, while 44% are selling Strawberry singles at above their most-common price of 85p, with some charging up to £1.29. 

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