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Biscuits cakes prices comparison

Comparing the prices of biscuits and cakes

Behind the numbers

Biscuit sales in convenience stores are up 7.2% annually, with cakes also popular in the channel. Retailers can find opportunities to drive profits across both segments, as evidenced by this week’s data. 

Fifty-nine per cent are selling KP Choc Dips above its most-common price of 79p, with some going as high as £1. Meanwhile, many could stand to review their Wagon Wheels pricing across the Original and Jammie varieties. Forty-four per cent and 40%, respectively, are selling them for more than their most-common prices of £1, going as high as £1.69. This also marks the largest difference between a highest and most-common price out of all lines examined this week. 

McVitie’s new Blissfuls launches are sold by 92% (Hazelnut) and 91% (Caramel) at their most-common price of £2.69, perhaps because retailers want to keep new products near their supplier’s RRPs to ensure higher sales. 

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