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Biscuits cakes prices comparison

Comparing the prices of biscuits and cakes

Behind the numbers

Biscuits and cakes are a strong convenience category, but the majority of sales come from a small minority of brands, and many of them are also price marked. Where are the opportunities for retailers among the alternatives? 

As with last year, KP Choc Dips sees a slim majority of retailers charging above its most-common price: 50% are pricing it above 89p, with some going as high as £1.29 – 29p higher than its most-common price in November 2022. Elsewhere, 48% of retailers are charging Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer four-pack above its most-common price of £1.09, with some going as high as £1.59. 

The largest difference between highest and most-common pricing is with Mr Kipling Cherry Bakewells six-pack: of the 39% charging above £1.45, some are going as high as £2.79, a nearly 100% increase. Conversely, 92% are sticking to Mr Kipling Lemon & Raspberry Mini Batts five-pack’s most-common price of £1.25. 

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