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Comparing the prices of bread and bakery

Behind the numbers

This week’s data shows plenty of retailers are increasing prices on bread and bakery lines to make sure they’re still making a profit on the category in response to tightened margins. 

For example, 80% are charging Warburtons Medium Sliced Soft White 800g at above its most-common price of £1.09, with some going as high as £1.79. That 70p price difference is also the highest among all of the lines analysed. Meanwhile, 62% and 60% retailers are also going as high as £1.79 with Hovis Soft White Medium and Thick varieties, respectively, compared to a shared most-common price of £1.19. 

The Kingsmill brand is less flexible, although its three lines – Soft White Medium 800g, Soft White Thick 800g and 50/50 Medium Sliced 800g – have a higher most-common price than Warburtons and Hovis, at £1.49 for each line. 

Out of these three, 50/50 is being pushed the highest, with 35% of retailers selling it for as much as £1.99. 

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