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Find out how your store compares on the pricing of fruit juice

Fruit juice prices

Comparing the prices of fruit juice

Behind the numbers

Nine out of 12 lines are charged at their most-common prices. Retailers are driving profits more within the category compared with last year’s Pricewatch data, which saw 11 lines priced at the most-common price.

When we last analysed juices in Pricewatch, J20’s Orange & Passionfruit 275ml was a strong profit driver – which remains the same this year. Sixty-two per cent are selling it above its most-common price of £1 set by 36%, with some going as high as £1.50, a 50% increase. Oasis Summer Fruits 500ml also has potential, with 51% selling it for as much as £1.89, 40p more than the most-common price.

Volvic Juiced Orange 1l presents the biggest opportunity for a take-home format, with 66% charging at up to £1.99 compared with the 33% charging the most-common price of £1.29. This 70p price difference between the highest and most-common prices is also the second-largest out of the 12 lines examined.

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