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Chilled coffee prices

Behind the numbers

More than 30% of retailers are squeezing higher profits within their chilled coffee ranges on five out of the 12 lines featured this week. This opportunity mainly comes from the likes of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee and Coffee & Milk.

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee Original offers the biggest opportunity. Seventy-nine per cent of retailers charge an additional 21p above the most-common price of £1.79. Similarly, Coffee & Milk Iced Coffee Latte Cappuccino has 70% achieving higher profits by pricing as high as £1.99 – a 99p increase on the most-common price of £1.

Starbucks is more rigidly priced. The brand’s Doubleshot Espresso is being priced at £2.20 by 90% of retailers, while the Caramel Macchiato variety is being charged at the most-common price of £2.20 by 79%.

There is some potential to increase prices on this variety, however, with 20% pricing as high as £2.60, which begs the question: are you missing out?

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