Understand your energy use with a smart meter

Newtrade Insight has partnered with Smart Energy for its first shortcast to understand the benefits a smart meter can have

Many small businesses are currently looking at increasing their prices due to jump in energy costs, a factor made more challenging as a significant amount don’t know how much their next bill be.

However, this is where a smart meter could be beneficial. This Newtrade Insight shortcast, made in partnership with Smart Energy GB, explains how a small business, such as a retailer, could use a smart meter to keep track of costs, only paying for what they use, and plan their day-to-day work operations.

Benefits include, but are not limited to, being able to budget better and avoid shock bills.

Additionally, this shortcast sets out exactly what a small business needs to do to either begin their sustainability strategy or to accelerate already existing plans.

Small businesses can understand how to apply for a smart meter and getting one installed in-store. Furthermore, they can uncover what they need to after a smart meter has been installed to ensure they are using them to their full potential.


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