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Find out how your store compares on the pricing of medicated confectionery

Medicated confectionery prices

Comparing the prices of medicated confectionery products

Behind the numbers

Medicated confectionery has grown in importance since Covid-19 and is ideal for on-the-go consumption. But where in the category can retailers achieve higher profits?

Across most lines, the difference between the highest and most-common price is quite low, but there are a few exceptions. Take Strepsils Honey & Lemon 16s. Sixty-two per cent are charging up to £3.99 per pack, £1 more than the most-common price set by 38%. Another opportunity to grow profits lies with Tunes Cherry Menthol Sugar Free, which 85% are selling for as much as £1, compared to the 56p charged by just 15%.

Elsewhere, the Lockets range has a clear upper limit, with no retailers pricing higher than £1 across the three lines analysed. That is 25p more than the most-common price across two of them and just 15p more than Honey & Lemon’s, set by 69% of retailers, indicating price-consciousness by shoppers.

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