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See what other retailers are charging for Christmas confectionery and boost your own profits

Spending rose over Christmas

Comparing the prices of Christmas confectionery

Behind the numbers

Last year, the confectionery segment was worth £2bn over the festive period, making it a formidable sales driver for sharing and gift formats as families get together.

Although retailers tend to favour volume over pricing to shift seasonal products before they become irrelevant, this week’s data shows opportunities to increase profits.

Forty-eight per cent charge up to 79p for a Cadbury Puds Egg, with 49% sticking to the most-common price of 50p. Meanwhile, 47% are charging as high as 79p for a KitKat Christmas Santa, with 45% keeping the same most-common price. Similarly, 46% are pushing the £5 £5.99 £6 Maltesers Merryteaser Christmas Reindeer as high as £1.

There are also opportunities with larger formats. Forty-eight per cent price up to £5.99 on Celebrations 388g, nearly double the most-common price of £3 set by 51%, the second-highest price difference this week.

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