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Comparing the prices of ready meals

Behind the numbers

Ready meals continue to be an important solution for time-strapped shoppers looking for a quick bite to eat, especially at the end of the day. This week’s data shows where retailers can widen their margins. 

Compared to last year, profits are decidedly more squeezed, with just one line – John West On the Go Mediterranean Tuna Pasta Salad – charged above its most-common price (£2.59) by a majority of retailers (59%). Of these, some are charging as much as £3.49. Retailers who stock Fray Bentos Steak & Kidney 425g could also review their pricing, as 44% charge above the most-common price of £2.75, with £3.99 the highest recorded price, £1.24 higher. 

However, the category hasn’t been immune to inflationary pressure: where, this time last year, Bisto Classic Bangers & Mash 375g sported a most-common price of £1.69, which a majority of retailers priced above, this is now £2.49, which just 28% exceed. 

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