Single chocolate bars are the bread and butter of any independent outlet. Within this, the premium singles market is growing by 46% year on year, and with brands such as Green & Black’s offering margins up to nearly 40%, it’s an area that retailers should invest in. 

Despite the multiples being able to sell singles cheaper than convenience stores, the chart shows that better availability makes indies more able to take advantage of sales. 

Unsurprisingly, in terms of suppliers, Mars Wrigley Confectionery and Mondelez – with their flagship Cadbury and Galaxy brands – have plenty of products on the table.  

Ferrero’s Kinder Bueno Bar is the one to watch this week. The company has recently heavily invested in the brand with the launch of new ice creams, in partnership with Unilever.

With more awareness of the brand across categories, you may see an increase in sales of the bars in weeks to come. 

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Product UK Average PriceBooker RRPRural store in PowysVillage store in Mid DevonTown store in RutlandTown store in West SomersetTown store in Bracknell ForestResidential store in Camden, londonSainsbury’sTescoASDA
MILKYBAR MED 25G 2/1£0.55£0.59£0.50£0.57£0.50£0.49£0.45
CADBURY DAIRY MILK WHOLENUT 49G£0.69£0.70£0.72£0.50£0.50£0.57£0.58£0.54
SNICKERS BAR 48G£0.69£0.60£0.72£0.57£0.75£0.54£0.75£0.65£0.60£0.60
CADBURY DAIRY MILK MILK CARAMEL BAR 45G£0.70£0.70£0.72£0.85£0.85£0.69
MARS BAR ORIGINAL 51G£0.74£0.60£0.72£0.79£0.75£0.79£0.63£0.75£0.65£0.60£0.60
CADBURY FLAKE 32G£0.77£0.70£0.72£0.79£0.79£0.75£0.65£0.60
GALAXY CARAMEL STANDARD 48G£0.78£0.69£0.75£0.85£0.79
GALAXY MILK CHOCOLATE 46G£0.78£0.69£0.75£0.85£0.85£0.75
CADBURY STAR BAR 49G£0.78£0.70£0.72£0.85£0.75£0.65£0.60
NESTLE MUNCHIES 52G£0.90£0.89£0.95£0.79£0.99£0.95£0.60
KINDER BUENO 43g£0.91£0.89£0.89£0.89£0.90£0.87£0.85£0.60£0.60
SNICKERS DUO 83.4G£0.95£0.79£0.95£0.99£1.00£0.99£0.99£0.95£0.85£80.00

Drive your profits

Vince Malone Avatar

Vince Malone

Tenby Post Office

Location: Pembrokeshire

Size: 900sq ft

Type: Village

Chocolate can be a good footfall driver, so make it visible

White Twix has been a bestseller recently. Bounty Dark also sells really well, as we’re the only place in the village that stocks it. We always give new products a go; sometimes we get our fingers burned, but it keeps the display fresh and gives people a reason to look at it. Generally, though, it’s the old favourites that keep us going – Mars, Twix and KitKat, which we have price-marked at two-for-£1 and the same customers will come in every couple of days to pick it up. We stick to RRP to maintain our reputation for being good value for money.

Adrian Rodda Avatar

Adrian Rodda

AR News

Location: Harrogate, Yorkshire

Size: 600sq ft

Type: High street

Sell above RRP on single bars –people looking for bargains can always choose the blocks or multipacks

Sales of individual chocolate bars have declined steeply over the past few years – though we still stock them, of course. We price above RRP because it doesn’t seem to make too big a difference to whether or not people buy them. I think people generally see the individual bars as quite expensive, regardless of whether or not you stick to RRP. Instead, they more often go for the £1 price-marked blocks of chocolate, or multipacks. We’ve got some value packs of six chocolate bars for £2, for example. We display them prominently and they sell well.

Haresh Karia Avatar

Haresh Karia

Best-one Harvil Road Post Office

Location: Harefield, Uxbridge

Size: 1,800sq ft

Type: Residential

Work with manufacturers and their reps to get the best displays and keep up to date with trends

I try to get as much price-marked stock as possible. The margins are acceptable – perhaps a little tight – but you’ve got to be competitive; we have another shop around the corner and everyone is very price-conscious these days. We source from Bestway and are always looking for ways to get products on deals or promotions. People are increasingly buying multipacks; if you could buy that, or get one bar for 60p, which would you choose? They’re particularly popular with parents for packed lunches, and office workers.

Martin Fitch Avatar

Martin Fitch

B.A. Fitch News

Location: Isle of Sheppey, Kent

Size: 1,500sq ft

Type: Town

Products priced at £1 are popular, so display them prominently

We get our chocolate delivered from Costcutter and tend to price slightly above RRP where possible, although we also have a lot of price-marked stock where that isn’t an option. The margins are pretty tight on a lot of things in the shop, so you have to make that little extra where you can, and impulse chocolate is one category where people don’t really have a strong sense of what the price should be. I’ve noticed that sales of the smaller counter lines have dropped and people are increasingly going for multipacks or larger bars.