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Find out how your store compares on the pricing of red wine and maximise your profits

Red wine prices

Comparing the prices of red wine

Behind the numbers

Red wine sales tend to pick up as we head towards winter, so retailers should keep an eye out for the lines they can use to increase their margins.

Trivento Reserve Malbec is a key example. Sixty-two per cent of retailers are charging as much as £10.99 per bottle, compared with the most-common price of £6.99, charged by 38%. Another wine for which customers are willing to pay more is Casillero Del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon – 50% of retailers sell if for as much as £9.99.

It’s a similar story with Casillero Del Diablo’s Merlot, which is charged as much as £9.99 by 48% of retailers, with 51% sticking to the same most-common price.

Blossom Hill Red Wine is the most inflexible line examined this week – 89% of retailers won’t go above its most-common price of £6.99, indicating the brand’s strong reputation as a value line for shoppers on a budget. 

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