Comparing bread and bakery prices

This week’s data shows opportunities for retailers to flex their pricing across most of the top-selling bread and bakery lines, with a few key exceptions. Hovis’ Soft White Medium and Thick lines offer the most scope to charge more, with 60% of retailers selling Medium for as much as £1.60 and Thick for up to £1.65, compared with a most-common price of 95p.

Elsewhere, 42% are selling Les Brioches Pains au Chocolat six-pack for as much as £2.29, 70p higher than the most-common price charged by 56% of retailers – the biggest opportunity for higher profits among the lines examined.

There’s less scope to review pricing across Brace’s and Baker Street products. Brace’s Luxury Medium White Sliced Bread is sold by 20% of retailers for as much as £1.79, 29p higher than the most-common price, while 12% sell Baker Street’s Classic Hot Dog Rolls four-pack for as much as £1.89, compared with 79% selling them for up to £1.59.

Bread and bakery profit checker

Must-stock bread and bakery products

Product name Lowest
Les Brioches Pains Au Chocolat 6x70g£1.49£1.59£2.29
Hovis Soft White Medium 800g95p95p£1.60
Hovis Soft White Thick 800g60p95p£1.65
Kingsmill Soft White Medium 800g89p£1.25£1.69
Brace’s Family Bread Luxury Medium White Sliced 800g£1£1.50£1.79
Brace’s Family Bread Luxury Thick White Sliced 800g£1£1.50£1.70
Roberts Thick Soft White 800g£1.09£1.39£1.75
Garth Bakery White Thick Sliced 800g£1£1.20£1.60
Baker Street Classic Hot Dog Rolls 4x252g£1£1.59£1.89
Baker Street Sliced White 550g£1£1.69£2.20
Adkins Bakery White Salad Bap 55g80p£1.15£1.69
The Clay Oven Bakery Garlic & Coriander Naan Bread 360g£1.09£1.59£2.09

Bread and bakery price distribution chart

Percentage of stores selling bread and bakery products above, below and at the most common retail price:

How to use this data Pricewatch

“We have about two metres’ worth of ambient baked goods, bread and pastries. We have a local supplier that comes weekly and tops us up. The rest of our stock is from Londis. Bread is easily the bestseller over baked goods, with Warburtons the best brand.

“Unlike others, we’ve not had any issues with Warburtons supply. Deliveries come twice a week, and sales have been normal this year. 7 Days Croissants are also good sellers. They’re just an impulse pick-me-up for breakfast, but they go in the same area of the shop as the take-home items.”

“Our bread and bakery section is about four metres. We have seen a huge demand for cakes and cobs recently. Our main suppliers are Parfetts and Booker, but we also use a local supplier called Adkins Bakery and Bobby’s Snacks, which offers a price-marked option.

“Naan is a big seller – we get ours from Parfetts and Booker. Bread is the bestseller. We stock Hovis, Roberts Bakery and Warburtons, but we’ve had issues with Warburtons, which has stopped doing deliveries, so I have to go to Booker every three days to stock up on bread.”

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