Mars Chocolate’s Helena Tagliarini and Wrigley’s Steve Stafford joined John Green at his Cambridgeshire store in April to look at how he can improve his merchandising. Here’s how John has got on since.

John's Action Plan

  1. Introduce a meal deal offer to increase basket spend and cater for your shoppers needs.

  2. Place best-selling products near each other to give time-pressed shoppers easy options.
  3. Introduce secondary siting to interrupt shoppers’ journeys.


John Green"Since the visit we’ve introduced meal deal stickers – for instance offering fish, chips & peas for £5. Our customers are very excited. They see the stickers and say ‘Oh, a meal deal!’. The changes that we made in our chiller, including locating vegetables next to our meat, have helped us see a 25% increase in fresh fridge sales.

I’m looking into secondary siting more products, including using clip-on’s for confectionery and gum, as doing this with crisps and dips next to our beer range has helped us increase sales – we’re now getting 10 boxes in each of our two weekly deliveries."

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