Retailers have criticised Costco depots for failing to abide by retailer-only time slots.

Mo Razzaq, owner of a Family Shopper in Blantyre, Glasgow, said members of the public are being allowed to enter at the allocated retailer-only time between 10-11am.

“It’s a serious problem for retailers,” he said. “A trip that would normally take me 10 minutes is now taking me 40. We should be getting support, and Costco is doing the opposite.”

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Razzaq added that he is concerned about his safety as the public are able to see the large cigarette stock he is purchasing.

Despite failing to respond to Razzaq’s complaint from more than two weeks ago, a Costco spokesperson told betterRetailing it was “abiding by operational opening hours”.

It failed to respond to queries regarding the public having access to retailer-only slots.



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