12 tips you took from the IAA study day

After an IAA study tour to Siva Thievanayagan’s Nisa Local Fletton shop in Peterborough, what did the retailers take away from the visit?

After an IAA study tour to Siva Thievanayagan’s Nisa Local Fletton shop in Peterborough, what tips and ideas did the visiting retailers take away from the day?

His coffee offer gives us confidence in the choice we’ve made

My new coffee machine is going sit at the front of the store in the same way, so it was good to get reassurance on the location and to be able to see just how much space I need for the area.
Bay Bashir, Lifestyle ExpressMiddlesbrough

Juice is a great idea for our upcoming refit

The fresh orange juice machine is very interesting. We’re looking to refit our store this year and it’s something I’d like to look at incorporating as fresh is what customers want. 
David Lewis, Crescent Stores Spar, Witney

A great example of the big night in in action

I love the big night in section, with snacks, pizza and ice cream merchandised within the alcohol section. The shop is well segmented into different shopper needs and the lack of false ceiling in the big night in zone creates theatre. 
Vince Malone, Premier Express Tenby Stores, Pembrokeshire

It shows how a great store is a great workplace

I’m a sucker for working in a good shop. It must be bright, lively, clean and well stocked, like this one. The bakery and handmade pizzas are very attractive. The displays aren’t too high so it creates a feeling of space and the raised till area means you can see everywhere. 
Amy Panchmatia, Mace Hexagon Stores & Post Office, Andover

The labels on fresh are a great idea well executed

The labelling for fresh and baked produce is brilliant. It’s all done from the back office, customised with pictures and dates showing when something was made. This will give customers confidence a product’s only been out for a day. 
David Ramsey, Best-one Byram Park Stores, Knottingley

It’s getting the basics right which really stands out

The store standards were great and it was good to see the basics done so well. His precision really stood out – the lighting, cleanliness, no rubbish anywhere – it was a pleasant shop to be in. 
Kennedy Zvenyik, Nisa Local, Paddington

We could use our ordering systems to save money too

Siva’s monitoring of wastage was impressive. He uses data to make sure they are wasting as little as possible and adjusts the orders accordingly. 
Jack PatelLondis Westholme Store, Reading

Siva shows how every store can be competitive

The low pricing is impressive, particularly on the food to go. For customers to be able to buy a fresh sandwich and a drink for £3.50, that’s almost as good as Subway. 
Amish ShingadiaShingadia’s Londis Caterways & Post Office, Horsham

I’m so impressed with this maintenance-free flooring

I like the floor. It is poured concrete which has been diamond polished. It looks much better than tiles and is virtually maintenance-free. If it ever needs smartening up, Siva can just get it re-polished.
Bal Ghuman, Premier AK Convenience, Shrewsbury

His fresh display will inspire me to do similar

It was great to see how Siva created theatre around his fruit and veg. I’m going to look at using interesting containers to display my fresh stock to make it stand out more.
Narinder Kaur, Singh’s Convenience StoreHuddersfield


The bakery is a great example for me to follow 

I’ve wanted to set up an in-store bakery, but have always been a bit nervous about doing so. Seeing Siva’s successful set up has made me re-evaluate the idea.
John Green, Premier Express Green End Store, Huntington

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