PayPoint Counter Cash service is now live in more than 2,000 stores, providing vital access to cash services for communities across the UK.

During the last week in January consumers withdrew more than £300,000 over the counter, with an average value of £24.18. The service launched at the end of last year.

The next phase of the Counter Cash programme will see a measured and continued growth of the network, further support for participating retailers to improve customer experience and adoption, and a co-ordinated campaign to drive further consumer awareness.

Andrew & Colleen Johnson, from Dafarn Newydd stores in Llanwddyn, who uses the service stated, “It’s a simple and easy service for customers to use and not only helps us earn for every transaction, but also contributes to reducing our banking charges,” he said.

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“We take huge pride in being a friendly shop that goes above and beyond to serve customers in a remote part of the country. The nearest cash machine is over nine miles away and the nearest bank is over 24 miles away, so offering the Counter Cash service was an obvious choice for us to expand the services we offer.

“We’re looking forward to it growing even further as tourists return to the area this year, cementing our position as a destination where people can access a wide range of vital community services.”

In reponse to the growth in transactions through the Counter Cash service, Nick Wiles chief executive office of PayPoint, said: “Counter Cash provides an incredibly convenient way for the millions of people who depend on cash to make withdrawals to a value of their choice up to £50.

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“We are proud to be the first of LINK’s members to launch and expand this service, making a real difference to local communities,” he said.

The ‘Cashback Without Purchase’, service provides a valuable new way to access cash on the High Street, allowing consumers to withdraw cash in convenience stores with the need to pay a fee.

Participating retailers are remunerated for offering the service as they would do for a normal ATM, as well as benefitting from reduced banking charges and offering a vital service to their community.

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