A compact edition of Stuff magazine will make its way to independent stores, following Haymarket’s selling of the title to Kelsey Media.

The publication currently comes in two formats: a normal 'full size' edition and a compact 'nano' one, but the latter is only available in the UK throughout WHSmith stores.

Steve Wright, chief executive officer of Kelsey Media told RN that in order to supply the nano edition to independents, the publisher will increase the print run after the company starts publishing issues in August.

“We are keen to extend its availability into more stores and will be increasing the print run to accommodate this. Being a small size, it is an easy product to fit onto a busy shelf,” he said. 

Haymarket announced the sale of several titles in March, with five titles including  FourFourTwo sold to Future Publishing. Kelsey Media has a stable of niche titles including Jaguar World and TGO – The Great Outdoors.