Considered the brand’s biggest launch in a decade, the new blocks will contain mini M&M’s alongside pieces of peanut, hazelnut or crisp, and will be encased in milk chocolate.

Supporting the release, a £1.4m campaign will be launched with a British adaption of the brand’s 2018 Super Bowl commercial.  

Cordelia Linacre, M&M’s senior brand manager, said: “We’re excited to be launching M&M’s block into the UK market this year. We know that block is the biggest segment in chocolate, however, block currently under-indexes in under-35s, while M&M’s over-indexes in this demographic.”

The supplier is also launching a new chocolate, M&M’s Salted Caramel, available in three different sizes – pouch, treat bag and singles.

M&M’s Salted Caramel aims to tap into the bitesize category, the fastest-growing segment in chocolate.

Linacre adds: “Salted caramel is a major trend across snacking categories and the fastest-growing consumer taste in chocolate, growing at 32%.”

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