Ferrero is investing £2.7m in media across spring 2020 to celebrate launch of its new Easter range, with 10 new additions.

Easter eggs

In Easter eggs, a category growing by 3.7%, the supplier will be launching two new Kinder Surprise eggs that include bigger toys.

Kinder Surprise 100g will see Justice League and Trolls toys featured, while the larger Kinder Surprise 220g eggs will be Marvel Avengers themed.

Thorntons will also add two new products to its range. Sitting alongside its bunny Easter egg are new Dinosaur and Unicorn eggs (151g), which will feature 3D designs bringing the range to life.

In regards to adult eggs, Ferrero is launching a premium option with the Ferrero Collection Egg (240g).

Featuring a milk chocolate shell, the egg is complimented with six Ferrero Collection chocolates (Ferrero Rocher, Ferrero Rondnoir and Raffaello).

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Novelties and sharing

In the impulse, novelties and sharing categories, the Kinder Joy Easter range will undergo a revamp, which will see 16 toys launched in what will be the range’s largest selection.

Kinder will also introduce a new Mini Eggs option for shoppers to eat on the move, or for sharing with the family as a small treat. With a milk chocolate shell, the mini eggs are filled with a hazelnut centre.

Thorntons is also expanding its range in the impulse sub-category with the introduction of a Thorntons Bunny (29g) and Thorntons Chocolate Caramel Egg (36g).

Kinder Mix Bunny Headband will also join the Kinder novelties range. Taking a seasonal twist on the Christmas Kinder Mix Reindeer Headband, the 167g product will feature a selection of Kinder Mini Bueno, Kinder Mini Chocolate and Kinder Mini Chocolate with Cereals to share.

In addition, Kinder Chocolate is adding to its fluffy toys range, with a new Leopard (73g) that joins the bunny and sheep novelties.

Boxed chocolate

In boxed chocolates, Thorntons will give its chocolates a spring twist with new packaging.

In addition to this, with more than 6.8 million shoppers at Valentine’s Day, the brand is also launching the Classic ‘With love’ box to drive relevance across the key seasonal gifting occasions.

Ferrero’s new Easter range:


  • Thorntons Dinosaur kids egg 151g – RRP £3.23
  • Thorntons Unicorn kids egg 151g – RRP £3.23
  • Thorntons Bunny Impulse 29g – RRP £0.75
  • Thorntons Caramel Egg 36g – RRP £0.75
  • Thorntons Classic ‘With love’ 150g – RRP £4


  • Ferrero Collection Egg 240g – RRP £13.34


  • Kinder Surprise 100g Egg (Justice League and Trolls license) – RRP £6.35
  • Kinder Mix Bunny Headband 167g – RRP £7
  • Kinder Joy 20g – RRP £1.14
  • Kinder Chocolate Fluffy Leopard Toy 73g – RRP £7.51
  • Kinder Mini Eggs 75g – RRP £1.40