Piece of cake

Premier Foods is extending its Mr Kipling and Cadbury Cakes ranges to include seasonal products aimed at shoppers looking for a treat.

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All OK for VK

Global Brands has added a new Watermelon drink to its VK portfolio, following consumer demand for the popular flavour.

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Ale of a time

Carlsberg is launching its first range of bottled ales in four years for its Joshua Tetley & Son brand, including Tetley’s Golden Ale and Tetley’s No.3 Pale Ale.

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Ginger up

Supermalt has added Ginger Beer to its range. The non-alcoholic carbonated soft drink is available in original and zero-sugar varieties.

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Lotus pocus 

Lotus Bakeries has unveiled a new jar design for its Lotus Biscoff spread, featuring images of Lotus Biscoff biscuits alongside images of the product in use.

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That’s a doozy

Doozy Vape Co has announced the launch of its new Nicotine Salts range that provides a stronger hit of nicotine compared with regular e-liquids.

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Child’s play

Dairy Crest has teamed up with Nickelodeon to feature popular kids’ TV characters across its Cathedral City Kids’ snacking range.

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Shoot for the stars 

Britvic’s new TV advert for Fruit Shoot Juiced aims to drive awareness of the brand among parents of children aged four to eight years old.

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Taste of home

McCain is launching a new recipe for its Home Chips brand following three years of development, with the brand having a 27% penetration in the category.

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