Panadol launches new ‘More Laughs. Less Pain’ campaign

Campaign follows 14% yearly sales increase

panadol more laughs less pain

Pain relief medicine Panadol has launched its new ‘More Laughs. Less Pain’ advertising campaign, which includes a sponsorship of comedy streaming service NextUp.

The campaign plays on the scientific idea that laughter can help increase pain tolerance due to the release of endorphins.

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Additionally, the NextUp sponsorship offers three months of free premium content from 20 April to 20 July 2021. NextUp offers more than 200 on-demand comedy shows. Panadol is also supporting the Live Comedy Association and its #SaveLiveComedy initiative to help UK stand-up withstand the effects of Covid-19.

The campaign follows a successful year for the brand, which reported a 14% sales increase in the past year.

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Jasmine Walton, senior brand manager for Panadol, said: “Our research has shown that in 2020, 38% of Brits cannot recall a time when they have laughed out loud. It is recognised that laughter can help to increase our pain tolerance.

“Couple this with our commitment to relieve people’s pain, meant we were keen to get Britain laughing again. We hope that the campaign will not only see laughter levels increase amongst consumers but will also highlight Panadol’s leading role in pain relief.”

Panadol is supporting the campaign out of home experiences and online advertising.

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