KP Snacks has announced a £2.5m investment in its KP brand, with the launch of a new campaign: ‘Kpow’.

The new campaign will run until December, marking KP Nuts first appearance on TV in three years, and aims to highlight the brand’s taste credentials and drive awareness of its wide range of flavours.

‘Kpow’ will include animation to offer a modern and updated look to make the brand more relevant to a younger audience.

KP Snacks announces slew of packaging reductions across products

Spanning across TV, video on demand, outdoor advertising and social media, two adverts will run showing different parts of the day where shoppers can enjoy a snack.

Jenny Blanco Barcia, marketing manager at KP Snacks, said: “KP is an established and trusted brand, worth £80.4m and growing in value by 22.8%, but we know there is scope to increase opportunities for consumption, especially among younger consumers.

“Taste is the number one driver when it comes to choose a snack, so our new campaign looks to really emphasis the bold flavours that KP has to offer and drive greater awareness of the range.”   

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