In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a new Star Wars film out next week. Even the most diligent Star Wars resisters must be living in a cupboard if they haven’t stumbled across the multitude of film tie-ins for The Force Awakens, whether it be magazines or collectables.

The good news for independent retailers is that there are lots of Star Wars magazine titles to display and sell in store and a large demographic to tap into – those young first timers and the 1976 generation desperate to cling onto the last vestiges of Star Wars nostalgia.

The release of the Force Awakens has prompted Empire magazine to release six Star Wars collector’s edition covers featuring characters from Captain Plasma to Finn and Kylo Ren. Those came out at the end of November, and there’s sure to be ongoing coverage.

There’s also the old faithful Star Wars Insider magazine alongside a host of newbies: Star Wars Rebels launched in October for children and Star Wars Magazine also brings fans original comic strip adventures, articles and games. Lego Star Wars magazine is also offering free Lego Star Wars cover mounts.

In the collectables ranges, Panini has released a Star Wars Abatons pack with a replica of every character in the series.

And Topps cards feature the Star Wars Rebel Attax, and ‘A Journey to the Force Awakens’ trading card range.

Starter packs come in at £4.99 with cards retailing at £1 per pack. Everything, in fact, to help you stay on target.

It isn’t just collectables that Star Wars is involved with – check out this list of other themed products that you might stock here.