There has been much press speculation about the launch of Trinity Mirror’s new title The New Day. Retail Newsagent is one of a few industry insiders to have met its editor Alison Phillips.

Here are the facts retailers need to know:

  • Launch Monday 29 February
  • On sale Monday to Friday
  • Distribution Two million free copies distributed on launch day, with retailers paid 10p per copy
  • Price 25p cover price for the next nine days, until Friday 11 March, with retailers paid 11.6p per copy (46.4% margin) 50p from Monday 14 March, with retailers paid 11.6 per copy (23.2% margin)
  • Advertising Supported by a multimillion pound marketing campaign, including two weeks’ TV advertising from Saturday 27 February
  • Target sale 200,000 copies a day

Here’s an exclusive extract from New Day editor Alison Phillips’ interview with RN.

Breaking convention

“Newspapers had been put together the same for 200 years. Journalistically, there’s been a habit of pouring stuff into a paper, rather than thinking ‘what do people really want from this product?'”

Winning back lapsed newspaper readers

“This paper is responding to the digital world, rather than pretending it hasn’t happened, which isn’t quite good enough anymore.”

New content

“There was no point creating another newspaper with all the same elements, but some new fonts. That was never going to work. We had to do something quite radical.”

The target reader

“Kate and Rob, who are normal, ordinary people, and there is no greater thing than normal and ordinary. A lot of the popular press in this country has lost sight of how society’s changed.”

For the full story, the full interview with editor Alison Phillips and a free PoS kit, don’t miss this week’s issue of Retail Newsagent, out on Thursday 25 February.

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