Retailers have reported mixed reactions from customers after The Guardian relaunched in a tabloid format this week to cut costs.

A number told RN they achieved higher sales on Monday as readers were curious to check out the new-look newspaper for themselves.

Mark Dudden, of Albany News at the Post Office in Cardiff, sold out of his supply of 20 copies – three more than his usual supply – after creating his own stand for the title using posters sent by the publisher.

“I had a couple of new customers, as well as people who normally only buy it once a week, getting it on Monday instead out of excitement,” he said.

David Lomas, of Lomas News in Unsworth, Bury, added: “Customers seem to be quite excited about the new format. I’ll have to wait a few days until they’ve read a few copies for feedback though.”

But Ranjan Patel, of Marsh Hill News in east London, said: “I asked my first regular Guardian customer what he thought. He said he didn’t like it.

“He turned to the sports section and said, ‘There’s nothing here.’ Especially as the price hasn’t changed. Another said he felt like he was reading the Evening Standard.”

Meanwhile, Mark Ansell, of Liskeard News in Cornwall, said the new size had caused some confusion.

“A couple of customers asked me where it was, even though it’s in exactly the same place,” he said.

The new size and use of Trinity Mirror’s printing facilities will save the publisher millions in operating costs. It also means the title is being printed in Scotland for the first time, allowing for better distribution in the north of the country.

Guardian News & Media editor-in-chief Katharine Viner said: “Our move to tabloid format is a big step towards making The Guardian financially sustainable.”