Mars to launch non-HFSS Starburst Fruit Squares in Spar stores

The new range is launching in Fruit Mix and Tropical Mix varieties

starburst fruit squares

Mars Wrigley is set to launch Starburst Fruit Squares, its first non-HFSS fruity confectionery launch, in Spar Stores on 27 February.

Launching on 27 February, Starburst Fruit Squares will be available in Fruit Mix and Tropical Mix varieties.

Each variety will have an RRP of £1 for a 25g pack. Fruit Mix contains apple, strawberry, blackcurrant, and orange flavours, while Tropical mix has pineapple, mango, passionfruit and lemon.

The new range is vegan and made with 80% apple puree.

Kerry Cavanaugh, marketing director at Mars Wrigley, said: “The launch of Starburst Fruit Squares is a response to the ever-evolving confectionery landscape, particularly at a time where HFSS regulations are impacting the sector.

“As fruity confections are growing by 17% year-on-year, the Starburst brand is a perfect platform for Mars Wrigley’s first HFSS-compliant fruity confectionery venture, bringing an additional audience of 1.4 million to the sector.

“We’re pleased to provide a front-of-store-compliant confectionery product to retailers that continues to drive innovation across the fruity confectionery category.”


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