Three-quarters of magazine purchases are pre-planned, according to research from Seymour

The data from the independent magazine distributor, alongside Kantar, was shared with betterRetailing last month, in an effort to help identify opportunities within the magazine category for retailers. 

It showed 47% of customers already know which title they want, alongside 13% knowing the genre and 14% the category. Impulse choices are made by 24% of visitors. 

“With almost half of purchase decisions being made before they get to the fixture, influencing current buyers before they get to the fixture should be the key priority to influence a different purchase decision,” the research claimed. 

“The majority of planned purchases are habitual. As a result, advertisement to remind people the most recent edition of their favourite magazine is out will be key to increasing frequency of engagement.” 

Seymour went on to reveal most shoppers spend little time browsing different magazines, highlighting the need for popular titles to remain visible. 

More than half (57%) don’t spend long at the fixture itself, and instead grab and go, whereas 33% have a quick look around, with only 6% spending a longer time browsing. More than a third will spend at least two minutes browsing the fixture. 

Factors helping to drive sales include magazines having standout elements (17%), competitive pricing (15%), content (12%) and location at the end of aisles (10%). 

Trudy Davies, owner of Woosnam & Davies News in Llanidloes, told betterRetailing she makes it a priority to assess customer behaviour and rearranges her fixture as a result. 

“Between March and September, I get a lot of customers who are in the area on holiday, and they often pick up more than one copy at a time,” she said. “As a result, I try to entice a sale from them by putting the titles I know interest holidaymakers on view.” 

Despite the struggles within the supply chain, fuelled by digital competition, Seymour highlighted 36% of magazine buyers still prefer print editions. 

The Fed’s head of news and the Connect Centre, Brian Murphy, told betterRetailing: “Magazines have time and time again shown their resilience to command consumer spend and adapt to their needs. 

“This research only confirms this and the opportunity to gain extra sales by ensuring your display is well stocked and your regular titles are balanced with others, helping to entice incremental sales.” 

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