Booker raises nearly £150,000 for Fairtrade farmers

The funds will allow the farmers to invest in health and education for their community

Booker has raised £147,050 in for Fairtrade farmers and workers, enabling them to invest in projects of their choice.

The money has been raised as Fairtrade Premium, which is an extra sum of money to allow Fairtrade workers to fund their goals of improving their farming and income, and allows them to invest in health and education for their community.

Catherine Marston, sustainability manager at Booker, said: “Despite the cost of living crisis, research shows that many consumers are still making thoughtful choices while shopping and choosing products that align with their values.”

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Booker Fairtrade Tea has supported 61,259 farmers, which comprises an average of 43% female workers.

Rosine Bekoin, smallholder cocoa farmer and member of CAYAT co-operative, said: “The Fairtrade Premium has enabled us to do many things, especially women.

“It has enabled us to advance our children, and also, we use the Fairtrade Premium to build for the future.”

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