Greeting card company Second Nature to expand into independents

A greeting-cards company offering products with average margins of 55% is looking to expand into independent convenience. 

Second Nature’s range includes more than 1,000 designs with an RRP of 99p to £10. 

Each card is hand-crafted and its lineup ranges from traditional 2D designs to products that have 3D popouts. 

The company’s sales manager, Tim West, told RN it distributes across the UK and Ireland and has a dedicated team of category managers who can help manage the range in stores. 

He added: “We refresh the range every year to avoid customers seeing the same designs in a store. The lineup is seasonal and we can replenish the top-sellers with next-day delivery. 

“All cards sold are new and retailers will never receive repackaged products that have already been displayed in another shop. We work with retailers on a local and a national basis. Retail sales for some of our customers have gone up to £30,000 a year.” 

Second Nature also offers confectionery with personalised names on the packaging, or for occasions such as birthdays and Mother’s Day. 

This is done through a partnership with a firm called Emagination Store, which distributes personalised lines of Twirl, Toblerone, Dairy Milk and Green & Black’s. 

Retailers can also order spinners to display these products in their stores. 

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