Bubbleology to launch make-at-home bubble tea kits in retail

The kits, made in partnership with Aimia Foods, are set for a mid-September launch in convenience

bubbleology retail

Bubble tea brand Bubbleology is expanding beyond its UK-wide store estate with a range of bubble tea kits for retail, made in partnership with manufacturer Aimia Foods.

The range is available in two mixology kits and two single-serve packs. One kit contains Passion Fruit and Raspberry fruit teas with popping boba pearls, while the other contains Taro and Bown Sugar milk teas with caramelised tapioca pearls.

Each kit also contains jumbo straws and a QR code which, when scanned, leads to a video with instructions on how to make the teas.

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Bubbleology has confirmed a listing with Asda and plans to launch the range in convenience in mid-September. The mixology kits each have an £8.50 RRP and the single serves will retail at £2.29.

Laura Mallon, innovation marketing manager at Aimia Foods, said: “Whilst bubble tea is still relatively new in the UK, there is a rapidly growing appetite for it and a gap in the market for consumers to be able to make their own bubble tea at home. Not only does its flavour and texture set it so far apart from anything in any supermarket aisle currently, but the actual process of creating a bubble tea also provides a unique appeal, generating excitement and novelty.”

Assad Khan, Bubbleology founder and CEO, added: “Our brand has grown to become the UK’s favourite bubble tea. By giving consumers the opportunity to create bubble teas at home it extends reach with our fans, building awareness and loyalty. We are constantly evolving, developing, and enhancing our menu, our stores and everything we do, a grocery range was the natural next step for Bubbleology.”

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