The Retail Success Handbook: What to Stock

This handbook gathers data on the bestselling products across 28 categories in more than 3,000 stores.


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Compiled using exclusive EPoS date from 3,000 independent stores across the nation and covering 28 core convenience categories. With easy-to-use tools, it’s never been so simple to compare your range, price and profits with retailers just like you.

  • A look inside one of the UK’s best-ranged shops 
  • Alcohol, confectionery, soft drinks and tobacco mini-features
  • All you need to start offering free-from and protein products 
Anam Uppal from store One Stop Mount Nod stacks shelves

What do suppliers, wholesalers, trade press and shoppers have in common? They all have opinions about what convenience stores should stock. From the enthusiastic rep who lines your shelves with new products, to the customer who comes in once a fortnight and can’t believe you don’t stock his preferred choice of shaving cream – there are forces everywhere that attempt to influence the stocking decisions of independent retailers.

It’s this that makes What to Stock so fulfilling to work on. In the 28 tables we have included, there’s no bias in raw data. There are just the proven bestsellers from a representative sample of nearly 3,000 retailers like you. Now, in What to Stock’s 10th year, we’re delighted to unveil a few changes. As well as 700 bestsellers, What to Stock contains a store profile from an expert in effective ranging and four focus pages that look at how key categories have evolved over the past decade.

The tables have had a revamp, too. As well as bestsellers, we’ve analysed the data against the profit on return given by Booker’s case and retail prices to find the products that make you the most money. What hasn’t changed is the simplicity this guide offers: the foundation for stronger sales in your shop.

Celebrating its 10th year, What To Stock now includes new tables for on-trend categories, such as free-from, vaping and protein.

This exclusive insight is yours at £4.99.


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